Problem with scrolling with TableLayoutPanel

Hi guys,
I have a simple problem with my windows application developed in .NET.
I have a table layout panel which has 4 columns having serial number, checkbox, textbox and a rick text box. When the focus is on rich text box i m not able to scoll the table layout panel but when focus is on checkbox or textbox, scrolling works. I guess as rich textbox is a container it has its on scroll bars which fires first when focus is inside it. But then too i want scrolling of a table layout panel. Any Idea / comments ?


4 Responses to Problem with scrolling with TableLayoutPanel

  1. vikas mehta says:

    check the multiline property of rich text box…or check/set the Scrollbars property to False.

  2. infovish says:

    Hi Vikas,
    Thanx for ur suggesstion. But I solved it other way. What I did is :
    Had MouseWheel Event of a RichTextBox and called it in the container where the scrollbar was there. Then i manually scroll the scrollbar. See =>

    if (e.Delta 0)
    if (panel1.VerticalScroll.Value > 10)
    panel1.VerticalScroll.Value -= 10;
    panel1.VerticalScroll.Value = panel1.VerticalScroll.Minimum;

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